Paw Sox Owners to Share Profit and Loss Statements

PawSox owners have agreed to share their profit and loss statements. Well somewhat. According to the ProJo the PawSox owners have agreed to release their P&L statements, but only to the State Auditor General and only on the condition that they will not be released to the public. Hmmmm. 

No New Dump Petition Signing Event at Chellos

There is a anti Garbage Transfer Station demonstration being held at Chelo's of Providence on 505 E. Spring Street, Providence, RI 02890 on November 9th from 6pm - 7pm EST, 

Stop The Dump

A stop The Dump meeting was held Tuesday November 14th at the Smithfield Avenue Congregational Church. The event was hosted by Pat St. Germain and was attended by several local and  state reps including Pawtucket City Councilor Tim Rudd, Providence City Councilor Nick Narducci, State Rep Carlos Tobin, State Senator Donna Nesselbush as well as dozens of residents from Pawtucket, Providence, and North Providence. This meeting was held to bring awareness to the proposed waste transfer station which would be located on Concord Street in Pawtucket, which  boarders the city of Providence, and is less than a quarter mile from the N. Providence line. For more information and /or to sign the online petition opposing the proposed waste transfer station, please go to      

Entering               Pawtucket